Fashion Design Program

Do you love Fashion? Style? Color? Comfort? Texture? Trends?

The world of fashion design may be the right career path for you. Our degree program can help prepare you for one of the many exciting careers in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing world of fashion apparel. Our Fashion Design degree programs in the Detroit area could change your career direction.

Once you successfully complete our Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in Fashion Design, you can look forward to pursuing a career in the fast paced field of fashion design. You can be ready to stand up to the challenges of a competitive and creative industry. As part of your degree work, you’ll develop a professional portfolio, showcasing your skills and talents. By working with our educators, you will have an opportunity to gain new found leadership and teamwork skills.

What Do Professional Fashion Designers Do?

Fashion designers contribute to a wide range of steps along the pipeline that turns raw materials into the clothes we wear. They define the pace, tenor, and tone of our social life. They create mood and functionality; workplace dress and leisure wear. When you begin your degree program in Fashion Design at IADT, you’ll realize the varied and stimulating career paths you can work towards.

Our Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design Can Teach You To:
* Sketch original ideas
* Research the market to identify consumer interests
* Change or innovate an established company’s product line
* Source fabrics and trims
* Select color, pattern, line, and design

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