Governor Jennifer Granholm spoke before a large gathering of students Thursday morning at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. Presented by the Michigan African American Student Network as part of the University's Media Diversity & Social Change Lecture Series, Granholm answered questions from moderator Bankole Thompson, Senior Editor of the Michigan Chronicle, and students while discussing the current state of the economic crisis, her attempts to diversify the Michigan job market, and encouraging students to stay in Michigan.

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Preparations for annual immigration walk underway

The Association of Latino Leaders at the University of Michigan - Dearborn will support the fourth annual march in the defense of human rights for immigrant workers and their families on May 1. Jhonatan Ferrer, a sophomore at UM-D is dedicated to this walk and all it represents.

* Preparations for annual immigration walk underway
* Students create scholarship for campus leaders


COLUMN: A life without luxury isn't a life not worth living

I loathe learning of yet another family murdered by a father who was facing financial distress. Did these men have to kill their families just because they were no longer well-off? What kind of sick message did we instill into the minds of our citizens that a life without luxury is one not worth living? In my Roman Catholic faith, we have entire groups of people who take vows of poverty and spend their lives never owning a home or a car.

* COLUMN: A life without luxury isn't a life not worth living
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* EDITORIAL: HFCC tragedy cause for safety review
* EDITORIAL: The MJ endorses USA for SG?election


'Azul' boasts the best of both worlds

"Azul" is an appropriate name for an album that mixes mysteriously smooth melodies with rich, and colorful polyrhythmic textures. The Spanish and Portuguese word for blue, "Azul" is the title of guitarist and composer Mike Pardew's sophomore album. It comes out today, and is a combination of darkness and light, tranquility and dissonance, possessing elements of both the sophistication of jazz and the hardcore qualities of rock n roll.

* 'Azul' boasts the best of both worlds
* 'Observe and Report' creates a dull roar
* Day 26's new album makes the cut
* The Detroit Datebook
* The fascinating faces of Michigan Mensa
* UM-Dearborn grad publishes faithful novel
* What the Fork?


Five best events of 2009 winter semester

The winter semester is gradually coming to an end. Although it may have seemed that term papers, homework, tests and lectures dominated the lives of students, the various events that took place on campus provided relief from the cold during January, February and March.

* Five best events of 2009 winter semester
* Fraternities, sororities honored at UM-D's first Greek Awards
* SAB brings winter classes to an end with Spring Blowout
* TKE's devote semester to aiding exchange students
* UM-D campus supports victims of HFCC shooting
* White Ribbon Campaign:


COLUMN: Polo match suspended due to dead horses?!?

Twenty one polo horses suddenly died at a championship event in the well-to-do equestrian golfing community of Palm Beach County in Florida. The Wellington Polo grounds host the U.S. Open every year. How does something like that happen? You would think that they might be taking better care of their prized animals.

* COLUMN: Polo match suspended due to dead horses?!?
* Hockey honors seniors and players in end of season banquet
* Lacrosse extends win streak to four games
* Softball goes 4-4 last week